Everyone has a right to privacy. Below is our privacy policy, giving you details on what data we collect, where it goes, and what it is used for. We also provide information on how to safeguard your data.

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Key details

Policy Date Last Updated

9th July, 2020

Definition of "we" and "us"

Both “we” and “us” is referring to Anephenix, a digital studio. Anephenix is made up of two legal entities (Anephenix Ltd and Anephenix OÜ). Below are the registered addresses for those businesses, and their official company numbers:

Anephenix Ltd

160 City Road
Company number: 08159564

Anephenix OÜ

Sepapaja 6
Company number: 14612132

Privacy information

What data do we collect?

If you send us an email, then that email is used purely for message communications. It will not be passed onto any 3rd-parties. The email provider is Google.

What 3rd-party services load on the website?

When visiting anephenix.com, there are 2 3rd-party services that can load - Plausible and Sentry.

Plausible is a simple, privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics.

Sentry will load in the website automatically as it is an error-tracking tool. Hotjar will load only if you accept their cookies - this is so that visitors can protect their privacy.

Where does the data go?

Plausible’s data is stored in servers in the EU. Sentry’s data is stored using the Google Cloud Platform.

How can I protect my data?

If you are an EU citizen, then you have the right under GDPR to request a copy of your data from any of those services as well as us. You also have the right to have your data removed from their systems.

If you want to protect your privacy, you can enable Do Not Track features on your web browser.


If you have any further questions, you can submit them via the contact page.

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