The Realtime Company

We are a digital consultancy that specialises in building applications and services with a focus on realtime.

Current Status

We are currently engaged with a client in Gothenburg, Sweden.

What we do

We build web applications and services using modern tools and technologies.

Lean Prototyping
Lean Product Prototyping
We help clients validate their ideas fast by developing working prototypes to test in the market.
Full-stack metaphor
Full-Stack Application Development
Whether its a greenfield project or a legacy application, we offer full-stack application development services.
Node.js Logo
Node.js Software Consulting
We specialise in Node.js consulting - from web applications and APIs through to desktop applications.

How we do it

Our approach to software projects can be described as being flexible, keeping a tight feedback loop on progress, and staying focussed on delivering value. This is how.

Agile Contract
Agile Contract
We work with clients using an agile contract, providing projects with the flexibility to adapt to new requirements whenever needed.
Weekly Sprints
Weekly Sprints
We use weekly sprints to measure delivery often and provide a fast feedback loop.
End-to-End testing
End-to-End Testing
We use Cucumber to perform automated end-to-end testing from the start, ensuring that product features are tested and business value is delivered.

About Anephenix

We are passionate about software. We've created and contributed to open-source software libraries and frameworks, given conference talks in Europe and the US, and even written books for tech publishers like Manning.

We have over a decade of experience building software in startups, small businesses and international companies.

Contact Us

Office: Anephenix Ltd, 7 Pancras Square, London, United Kingdom, N1C 4AG